Hailey Walls


There’s too much to experience/think about/work on for me to ever be bored. I live in Portland and escape to the desert at every chance I get to commune with the sagebrush. Wherever I am I’m listening to the sounds birds are making – sometimes I even do this in socially appropriate venues like leading birding trips or walks. I picked up this bad habit at Lewis & Clark College along with a biology degree and a bunch of complicated opinions about ecology and wildlife conservation.

I spend half the week at the Oregon Zoo talking to high school kids about these topics and being continually impressed by their perspective and dedication. I’ve been doing zoo and museum education for a few years and making my natural-history-obsessed inner child proud. I’m fascinated by conservation, and by how to communicate effectively about it. I also enjoy improving on the many behind the scenes systems that support those goals. I spend way more time in databases than hanging out with rhinos, but it still feels great. And I do get to hang out with a rhino on occasion, which doesn’t hurt.

Because I can’t get enough of conservation education work, I started an education consulting group, Timberdoodle Interpretive, with Christine Jervis and Brianna McCoy. We do interpretive design, curriculum building, program evaluation and more. We are currently taking on new projects and would love to talk to you! You can reach me at my Timberdoodle email to talk.

Another part of my week goes towards doing web design/development. I’ve been doing web consulting since I was old enough to cash a check. These days I do a lot of converting designs into front end builds as part of a team, wrangling wordpress, or making a small site from the ground up. I value using the best solutions I can find without jumping on every framework bandwagon that crosses my path. I prioritize keeping things clean and simple to prevent headaches down the line. I’ve certainly improved since the days where I was making websites for Neopets in Dreamweaver. I work alone, with existing teams, or with a team I’ve built, depending on the project.

If I’m not engaged in one of those projects I enjoy camping, hanging out with the dog, watering one of my sixteen cacti, drinking red wine, or poking around the graveyard looking for ghosts. I value challenging conversations, practicing empathy, getting uncomfortable, and staying curious.

I’m available for web consulting, birding trips or lessons, and informal education projects.

Shoot me an email, let’s talk – hailey@haileywalls.com