Hailey Walls


I’ll be collecting short write ups on both web and education projects here.

Civilization is the wild river

I. The Holiday Inn parking lot is narrow, angled, and packed with quiet, drowsy people, sipping coffee in that 6am way. Our bags are scattered on the asphalt with their matching yellow tags. Someone steps over a duffle bag or two, throws open a van door, and starts making sense of the madness, stacking bags, […]


Infographics, Invites, and Logo Design – YMC Job Fair 2016

Since 2014 I have been helping to support the Youth Mentoring Collective’s environmental job fair. I have been analyzing event data and creating infographic reports since our first job fair. This year’s infographic includes a lot of the same basic information as the previous two reports but with an updated look. I also created a logo and matching flier for the event.


A Fresh WordPress Site

I had the chance to do a full site rebuild to replace an outdated site for Dan Wilensky, a local jazz musician. The site that he had had some styles that showed their age – gradients and dark colors, bright red fonts – and the site was not responsive. The code it was built on was quite old and some issues with that had started to pop up. And finally, Dan wanted the ability to update his site himself instead of relying on his old web developer to make changes.


Making a dull safety training memorable

Each year at the Oregon Zoo over 100 new teenage volunteers arrive, ready to work all summer. Before they head out, each teen goes through close to 25 hours of training. One key piece of the training is safety protocol and radio use. In years past, the presentation was bare bones and pretty dull. I recreated the training with fun, themed visuals and a conversational style. The training has been modified and utilized by several other departments and the teens feel much more prepared than they previously have.


Youth Job Fair Infographic

A group that I’m involved with in Portland, the Youth Mentoring Collaborative, has been running a job fair since 2014 with the intent of getting diverse youth connected to environmental careers.We’re in year 3 of the event, and I’m once again helping with some set up (including designing a flyer), as well as day-of support. I have also been helping to take the surveys collected from participants and turn them into presentations and infographics.


A Website For Max Humphrey

There are lots of qualities that can make a website project go well and be fun to work on. Besides having a knowledgable, easy-going client to work with, the site I made for Max had two other qualities I appreciate – it was a brand new build so there was no pre-existing site to worry about, and it had really bold, attractive photos as the main source of content.


Raptor ID Training and Field Trip

ZAP teens at the Oregon Zoo sometimes get to participate in trainings designed to expand their knowledge of local wildlife and to get the involved with partner organizations. One of those events is Portland Audubon’s Raptor Road Trip – a day designed to get people out during a winter day to look at our local raptor species. When a guest speaker couldn’t make it to one of their meetings at the very last minute, I quickly whipped up a short orientation to raptors and how to identify species for the upcoming field trip.


Outreach Map Report

The Zoo Animal Presenters program at the Oregon Zoo works with partner organizations in the community to present outreach programs at schools. I created a map of all outreaches completed in 2015 and labeled partners. This map has been used in annual reports and grant reporting. It’s a great way to visualize the reach of the program in the Metro area and to showcase partnerships.


Designing Small Rewards

Just a few examples of designs I have done to create small rewards for program participants.