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As far as hobbies go birding really is one of the best you could have. It’s easy to pick up and do, whenever and wherever (I’ve been known to bird from cars, during weddings, and while still lying in bed). It’s also challenging enough that there’s always something new and interesting to learn. Birding also requires getting outside, moving around, and connecting to the world around you. If you want to bird with me, I lead a trip for Audubon Portland’s Birdathon, as well as spring morning bird song walks. I hope to start teaching classes soon but I’m always available for private trips and lessons.

I’ll be collecting some thoughts on birding, tips for identification, and trip reports here:

Oaks Bottom Bird Song Walks 5/2 and 5/9

Group photo at our “tiny bird sounds” spot by Kayla. Tuesday May 2nd This time around I have reports for two weeks of our morning bird song walk in Oaks Bottom (I gave myself a break last week because things have been impressively busy for me). Our first week of May was a bit chilly […]


Oaks Bottom Bird Song Walk 4/25

Pretty Western Tanager courtesy of Kayla. He appeared at a birding brunch last year, so it’s not the exact tanager but I thought you all deserved the ray of sunshine too! Round 4 of bird song walk and the last one for April! We managed to do this one in the two hour window where […]


Oaks Bottom Bird Song Walk 4/18

I went to bed listening to pouring rain, completely convinced that it would be my first morning bird song walk with awful weather. When I got up I piled on the rain gear and warm clothes and then walked outside to… this? I wasn’t the only person who was fooled this time around. Turn out […]


Oaks Bottom Bird Song Walk 4/12

Round two of our Tuesday morning bird song walk at Oaks Bottom was another success. It was a bit chillier this week but somehow we still didn’t get rained on. We had good turnout again with 26 people on the walk. Last week was just crazy with nests and a huge species count. I assumed […]


1st Oaks Bottom Bird Song Walk!

April 4th marked the start of my second year leading morning bird song walks for Portland Audubon. I was recruited into role last year when the leader for Cooper Mountain wasn’t able to continue. I was really nervous about leading the walks at first. Despite having experience in education and speaking to large groups of people […]


Advice for New Birders – Join a Big Day

Daffodils are my favorite flower. I love their pretty bright yellow of course, but the main reason I love daffodils is because they mean spring is coming. Spring is my favorite season for a lot of reasons, and Birdathon is one of the big springtime events I look forward. Getting the first emails about Birdathon […]


Cooper Mountain Bird Song Walks 2016

As a result of hanging around for years and insisting that people listen to “that one weird noise over there”, I was invited to lead morning bird song walks for Portland Audubon this year.


Reflections on Birdathon 2016

2016 was really the year of the Birdathon for me. I’ve been doing this event since I was a baby birder in 2013, and started co-leading a team (the Raven Maniacs) last year. This year I dove even deeper into Birdathon madness by creating a new team. And not just any team, but a two full day “gonzo” team for women birders called Owl Be Damned. So my spring was mostly about planning, recruiting, and fundraising for two teams with two very different routes.